The Biz-ification of Law

[This article previously appeared on] “Competitive markets are not much fun for sellers” – Richard Posner It’s common knowledge that the billable hour is holding back the profession. Additionally, it’s clear that professional conduct rules insulate lawyers, prevent other professionals from getting involved, and stifle innovation. Yet, despite the billable hour still going strong and … Continue reading The Biz-ification of Law

How to stop being “behind”

Note: this article has since appeared on and in Legal Business World There appears to be a sentiment pervasive in the legal blogosphere that lawyers are “behind”: “The pace of change in legal services is not slowing down while lawyers’ day-to-day practice of law continues to lag far behind” (Remaking Law Firms) “Law Is Lagging … Continue reading How to stop being “behind”

A Principled Approach to Legal Tech

[This piece also appeared in Legal Business World] “Ironically, the popular business press, focused on hot, emerging industries, is prone to presenting these special cases as proof that we have entered a new era of competition in which none of the old rules are valid. In fact, the opposite is true” - Michael Porter, 1996 … Continue reading A Principled Approach to Legal Tech

Principle #5: Own your customer’s success

Note: for the full essay click here. Recall Principle #1: people do not like to feel “owned” or told what to do. But they do like to be “owned” if what that means is a vendor (or change agent) taking ongoing responsibility for the success of their joint ventures. Especially with newer products, there is … Continue reading Principle #5: Own your customer’s success