The Industrialization of Law

As published on The Lawyer's Daily. A more concise version of the Biz-ification of Law, though I think "industrialization" is a better word. -- In early 2016, Archer Daniels Midland ("ADM"), a Fortune 50 company, were working with 700 law firms. Six months later, they were working with only 20. Last year, Microsoft brought in … Continue reading The Industrialization of Law

The Biz-ification of Law

[This article previously appeared on] “Competitive markets are not much fun for sellers” – Richard Posner It’s common knowledge that the billable hour is holding back the profession. Additionally, it’s clear that professional conduct rules insulate lawyers, prevent other professionals from getting involved, and stifle innovation. Yet, despite the billable hour still going strong and … Continue reading The Biz-ification of Law