Is “Innovation” a Bad Word in Law Firms?

[This article originally appeared on] The legal profession could be improved a bit. Ok, it could be improved a lot. One might say it could use more "innovation." Yet it seems like the harder one pushes for innovation, the harder others push back. Despite acknowledgement that the nature of legal services will take time … Continue reading Is “Innovation” a Bad Word in Law Firms?

Law firms need all the help they can get

A recent Altman Weil study found that the #1 reason law firms weren’t doing more to change the way they deliver legal services is because clients weren’t asking them to do so. To not aim at improving client services is poor business strategy; but that is pretty rare. The problem of how to improve the … Continue reading Law firms need all the help they can get

How to stop being “behind”

Note: this article has since appeared on and in Legal Business World There appears to be a sentiment pervasive in the legal blogosphere that lawyers are “behind”: “The pace of change in legal services is not slowing down while lawyers’ day-to-day practice of law continues to lag far behind” (Remaking Law Firms) “Law Is Lagging … Continue reading How to stop being “behind”